I believe in happy teams that are audience-focused, driven by product design, practice consistent documentation, and encourage inclusivity and accessibility — all in the spirit of telling the best stories and developing editorial brands across every platform. 


On building a culture of documentation

I believe every team of every size and type will always be better off with a strong, consistent culture of documentation. 

Teams focused on product design

I build teams of product thinkers who put the user first, are metrics-informed, go through a product development cycle, test our work with users, and constantly iterate. 


Build brands, not websites

My work is focused on helping our company build brands, not build websites. This means delivering on the promise of our mission at every touchpoint, not just with a goal of driving to a dot-com. 

Education and collaboration

I am happy to share everything I learn, both successes and failures, and encourage those on my teams to do the same.