Hello, there! I work at the intersection of journalism, design, technology, and revenue.

I'm currently doing that at Vox Media, where I help move along our most imperative company-wide initiatives as the Executive Director of Operations. Previously, I worked as the news applications editor at The Seattle Times, spent some time running the home page there, and worked at various publishing startups like CoPress, Publish2, and Spot Us. I studied journalism at Cal Poly and now live in Brooklyn. 

Below is a list of things you might hear me talking a lot about. 

On building a culture of documentation. Every team of every size and type will always be better off with a strong, consistent culture of documentation.
Read more: How we do docs at Vox MediaDocumentation workshop slides.

Teams focused on product design. I help build teams of product thinkers who put the user first, are metrics-informed, go through a product development cycle, test our work with users, and constantly iterate. Read more:  How to run a design brainstorm

Education and collaboration. My teams share everything we learn, both successes and failures. Read more: Guidelines for what we shareStorytelling Studio blog

Build brands, not websites. Our work is focused on helping our company build brands, not build websites. This means delivering on the promise of our mission at every touchpoint, not just with a goal of driving to a dot-com. Read more: Hacks Hackers Buenos Aires keynote on building brands