Facebook's new application menu bar

After Facebook was down for a few hours today (an inevitable consequence of the big switch to the New Facebook), users will find a major difference on their bottom menu: Application navigation. Production manager for the new Facebook Mark Slee first announced the change in a blog yesterday:

We also heard that people were confused about how to find their applications, so we are moving the Applications menu to the menu bar at the bottom of every page. This will make it much easier to get to your favorite applications whenever you want.

Despite alleged complaints, the move may seem redundant to many Facebook users -- the bottom right menu contains the same content as the menu on the front page.

The benefit though, as Slee noted, is that the menu stays at the bottom of every page, rather than only being located on the homepage.

The bottom menu is unobtrusive and can be hidden, exactly like the cooresponding notifications menu on the right of the toolbar. The new feature is interactive, allowing users to customize the order of their links. Items from the pop-out menu, however, cannot be dragged onto the bottom bar.