Here goes nothin'

Yesterday, I was reading a great little piece on Media Shift by Alana Taylor about NYU's inability to adapt to new media demands in journalism. One part of that blog especially stood out to me. It read:

Professor Quigley begins by explaining how blogs are becoming more important and asks if any of us have a blog. One hand slowly rises. It’s mine. None of the other students in the class have a blog.

Then I asked myself one question: As one of the "new media" stars at my university, as someone who started an award-winning Web site for my high school newspaper, why did I not have a blog?

Really, it's not something I'd ever thought of doing -- at least not consciously.  As an ardent blog-reader, I always felt like a consumer, rather than a producer.

Now I'm going to give it a shot and see where it goes.

Constantly, I'm someone who is sending links to friends, posting on Newsvine and sharing on GoogleReader. That's all a blog really is, right? Linking and commentating on those links. It's what I do everyday anyway.

Funny thing is, I've always lectured others about the importance of blogging and written research papers on why blogging is important. I've always felt close to the blogging community. I never considered doing it myself.

So, here goes nothin'.