My biggest failure: The flash preloader

I'm generally a quick learner and determined worker. If I have a design project or goal, I usually will go countless nights without sleep until it's done. But no matter how hard I try, I consistently screw up the Flash preloader. I've read dozens of tutorials and spent hours upon hours trying to create the perfect preloader, but I never come close.

I usually end up with a white page for a few seconds while my Flash content loads (without a loader), then quickly a preloader will pop up and load to 100% in a hair of a second (if you blink you'll miss it). Obviously, I'm doing something wrong.

My goal in upcoming days is to train myself on creating the perfect loader, then post the tutorials I used to get there, or make my own step-by-step guide for others to use.

It's something absolutely essential to a Flash multimedia piece and can add a lot of class/credibility. Plus, the white page while content loads is just tacky.

If you know of any good tutorials, please throw 'em out there for me.  I'll keep you posted!