SDU-T tries to win against Craigslist

Why go to a newspaper site to find/post job listings when Craiglist is easy and free? Localization and interactivity is the answer at the San Diego Union-Tribune., the U-T's site, is doing something completely innovative and brilliant-- an interactive job fair.

The job fair, dubbed Mega Jobs, has a motto of: "Go to work. Look busy. Find a new boss."

While most online job fairs is just a list of links, Mega Jobs features:

  • Live recruiter chats
  • "Meet the recruiter" videos
  • Expert resume critiques
  • Speaker session podcasts
  • Resume posting/searching

The entire process of looking and learning about jobs can be done from home, from Starbucks, from work -- anywhere. It's free to participants and easy to access.  Localization just might be the only way to win over Craigslist job classifieds.