Update: Chicago Tribune redesigns, drops "Trib" rumor

The big Chicago Tribune redesign has been released and, not surprisingly, it's not the version that was heavily circulated around the Web that featured the title "Trib." Here are a few before and afters:

A prototype that surfaced the web last week showed a front page the read "Trib" big and bold across the masthead-- a bold move that the traditional newspaper apparently wasn't quite ready for.

While the new design is obviously a lot more modern, will it work? Newspapers won't survive by simply giving themselves a facelift. They have to start from within and change the content to match the new design. What does that entail?

  • More features
  • A more magazine/blog-like appeal
  • More modern design (like the Tribune)

My theory is that newspapers cannot keep using print to try to break news. If newspapers want to make it, they need to stop cutting jobs and pages. They need to add pages and add jobs. Change the content to be an in-depth analysis of yesterday's news that was already broken on the Web.

When TV got big, radio was supposedly going die. That was almost 80 years ago.

The industry isn't dying. It's changing. We need to embrace it.