Mustang Daily multimedia coverage of the election

We dedicated out front page to the election all day, with continuous updates as it all progressed.

An overview:

We also had a live chat using which we kept open all night for students to talk about results as they came in. It was far more popular than I imagined it would be.

What I would change for next time:

  • More video: both a live stream and edited
  • More live updates as stats come in, using Twitter
  • Live blogging

If I had a team of Webbies it would have been so much cooler. When you're a one (wo)man band, it gets tough. I also had three other classes on election day, not to mention my second job as a graphic designer. There are some days I wish being online editor was my only responsibility. I didn't leave the newsroom until 3 a.m..

But enough moping. I'm proud of the Daily's coverage. I'm shocked that reporters were actually willing to do so much multimedia.

Why it worked

  • Planning things ahead
  • Sending reporters out in teams to do both reporting and multimedia editing
  • Having as much stuff pre-made as possible

I'm glad to have been part of such a historical election. I'll remember it for the rest of my life.