Plug into now

How many people are stuck in an elevator right now? What about square acres of forests being cut or the amount of workers on sick leave at this very moment?

Through a brilliant marketing campaign that caters to Internet users' low attention span and constant need for information, Sprint compiled feeds and statistics from sites to give you the to-the-moment 411 on Internet and worldly happenings: Plug into now.

And the cool part: There's an embeddable version for your site, blog or profile page (although it doesn't do the real site justice. You must go see the real thing at

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The application combines feeds from various sites like Newsvine, YouTube, Google and Fox Sports, and less-known sites like, Weather Underground, or (for a live web cam of a doggie daycare). The page also takes statistics from federal agencies like the USDA and localized entities like the NY Fire Department.

Still confused? It's an intricate concept. The page is layered with random, interactive widgets of information and statistics about what's happening right now in the world.

"Plug Into Now" takes small pieces of information from all over the Web and presents it as a larger piece. Combined with a really flashy intro and a constant humming background noise, the site really makes you feel like you're plugging directly into, well, now. Mix that with the digitized female voice who randomly reads you stats, and you feel like you've dived straight into a sci-fi movie.

Whether it would ever make me switch my service over to Sprint, I highly doubt. But I'll sure as hell pass this link on to all my friends.