My CICM Internship essay submission

This post is an essay submission for the ICM spring internship.


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College journalists want to get jobs. They want to develop stellar portfolios and multimedia.


One problem: Not everyone is a Web guru.

True, Gen Y has grown up immersed in technology and new media. But Gen Y mostly knows how to absorb that content, not necessarily create it.

They need someone to show them the light.

Hello, I'm Lauren and I have what it takes to teach budding journalists the ropes.

I know, because I'm one of them. And I know that the best way to teach multimedia is by using multimedia.

A few possibilities:

Cover it Live

  • Live multimedia critiques
  • Students paste in their link
  • Everyone can contribute suggestions/praise
  • Creator of the multimedia can share how it was done
  • When it's over, I blog about what we learned


  • Live conference calls
  • Q&A style
  • Students, pros and educators call in
  • Feature a different topic each week
  • When it's over, post the audio as a podcast


  • Live-streamed interviews
  • Not only with "movers and shakers" but the average college j-students, because they are the ones who need the most guidance
  • What's working and what's not? How can we help them restructure?


  • Visually-based, video tutorials
  • That are designed even for the non-tech savvy
  • Focus not only on the production of multimedia, but training staff and revamping antiquated systems

Despite competition among colleges, at the end of the day, we're all in this "saving the industry" thing together.

Let's do it.