A Case for Innovation

Student newsrooms are stuck in the past. I'm going on my third year in a college media environment, and I understand how hard it is to break away from tradition. We get locked in a routine with advisers who only teach one system and a cycle of monotonous traditionalism is born and forever maintained. It doesn't have to be that way though, which is why CoPress decided to make a series of educational videos with inspirational ideas for innovation. Called "A Case for Innovation," our series focuses on topics from creating a web centric newsroom to generating revenue online. I've embedded the videos below and encourage you to take them back to your newsrooms as a starting point for discussion.

I've probably over-emphasized the fact that these videos are a starting point only. We don't have all the answers to innovation. But we can get you thinking, and from there, we want to see what you're capable of. Hopefully, you come back with even better ideas that you can in return share with the rest of the community.