Quick way to boost Facebook fans

Although I'm no longer the sole keeper of the Mustang Daily fan page on Facebook, the editors who are in charge don't have blogs (what a shame). So I'm going to pass along a little tip that tripled Mustang Daily fans in a week. It's simple and perhaps obvious: invite all your friends. And tell your entire staff to invite all their friends. And all their friends to invite all their friends. Once people see "So-n-so became a fan of mustangdaily.net" their newsfeeds, they follow suit. It's a domino effect. Everyone on the Mustang Daily staff invited all their hundreds of friends to join, and in a week we went from 290 to 840 fans.

Something else learned from this experiment is that the name of your fan page is vitally important. You may notice that 290 fans is not a lot. But because we named our page "mustangdaily.net," anyone searching for "Mustang Daily" on Facebook won't find our page. That's a huge, irreversible mistake.

So name wisely and invite heartily. And Happy Thanksgiving!