I'll be blogging for 10,000 Words!

I know everyone raves about how amazing Twitter is for building connections within your niche. If you're reading this post on my blog, you probably have already experienced it firsthand and probably only know me through our niche on Twitter. But that won't stop me from sharing yet another anecdote of how Twitter has brought great opportunity to my life: I am officially a contributing blogger for 10,000 Words.

I have been a reader of 10,000 Words for a few years. In college, it helped me get a start in multimedia and develop an enthusiasm for web-based reporting tools. I shared Mark's posts with the reporters I trained and the professors who needed training. (Scroll to 22:39 in this video where someone asks me what my favorite blog is... my response: "10,000 Words!")

Last week, Mark sold 10,000 Words to MediaBistro and asked me if I'd be interested in contributing. Of course, I sprang to the opportunity. And here I am. My first post about kinetic typography as a storytelling technique will be up later today was published today (it's a topic many people have personally asked me about after my CoPress video series. I thought it would make a good starting point).

I am a designer with her roots in journalism. 10,000 Words is a blog about tools for storytelling. You can expect that most of my posts will be focused on how we use design to convey narratives. That's my specialty and that's the niche I want to carve at 10,000 Words.

I'm honored to be a part of the whole new and improved blog and a new challenge always gets my adrenaline pumping. I hope to influence a wave of journalists in the same way Mark influenced me. So thank you to Mark for reaching out to me, to Media Bistro for hiring me, to CICM for giving me a start in regular blogging back in college, and to all the new readers and followers I will gain from this experience. Let's do this.

Update: I want to give a quick shoutout to Ethan Klapper (@ethanklapper) and Chris L. Dunn (@christhedunn) who will also be contributing bloggers! Great to have a circle of young, smart people on board!