I'm not in a newsroom, but I'm still a journalist doing multimedia

Today I published a piece at 10,000 Words about applying multimedia skills to non-multimedia jobs. Now, some background.

I have been brainstorming topics for potential 10,000 Words posts and I hit somewhat of a roadblock because I couldn't get past the thought of, "Hey, I'm not a multimedia journalist. Will people take me seriously?" (It's a dilemma I've struggled with before.)

But then the inspiration for my latest post unfolded via an IM conversation as follows:

Lauren: It's hard to write about multimedia when I'm technically not doing multimedia any more Adam: How 'bout "how to apply multimedia skills to things that technically aren't multimedia"

Then it clicked.

Multimedia in journalism extends beyond multimedia in the newsroom. I'm in journalism and I'm doing multimedia all the time.

Even though I'm not a journalist day-to-day, I deal with journalists in my journalism career at Publish2-- I create promo videos for Publish2, help the CEO create sales decks, etc.

And I'm not alone. Lots of former journalists can still use their skills to be stellar at whatever jobs they decide to move on to, even if it's not in the newsroom.

So, hat tip to Adam for pointing out the obvious to me. And check out the full post here.