I may have found my calling (someday)

Today while browsing GOOD Magazine, my attention was immediately captured by an ad for the Maryland Institute College of Art:

Yes, that's right. A Master's in Social Design program.

This is the first time a master's program has intrigued me to the point of actually considering going back to grad school someday. The premise is exactly what I seek to achieve through entrepreneurship (social good), but with a focus on my other passion-- design.

The flash ad scrolls through the following points about the program:

  • Social design can contribute positively to our world
  • Social design relies on a community-focused approach
  • Social design focuses on working with, not for, a community
  • Social design develops socially-responsible designers

The description from the program's site:

There is a growing interest and understanding in the world of design related to the designer's role and responsibility in society, specifically the belief that social change can happen through design. The Master of Arts in Social Design (MASD) prepares students to play a vital role in positively impacting our world through collaborative, hands-on opportunities supporting a range of community-defined objectives.

I tried to find other similar programs but a brief stint of Googling produced few results. Maybe someday I'll go to Maryland and give it a shot.