Design trends in the Google Chrome app store

My latest 10,000 Words post outlines the latest news design trends in the Google Chrome app store, many of which I believe could be pointing at a future of news design.

Notably, I point to:

  • Grid layouts
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Full screen glory
  • Multi-column text display
  • Multi-paneled layouts
  • Big, beautiful video and imagery
  • In-browser notifications
  • Offline reading
  • Customizability

And, of course, the shortcomings:

  • Lack of permalinks. If you want to link to a story within an app, the resulting URL leads to the standard website URL.
  • No rich media. Aside fro the apps that are based entirely on video or audio, I have yet to see any apps that integrate video and audio within stories.
  • Based on episodic storytelling. These apps work great for a news format based on tons of articles being reproduced every day. But what about stories that are told in format of data or long-living stories that could be built in wiki format? Sticking with episodic story display discourages newsrooms from thinking of new ways to tell stories.
  • Where are the comments? Although this is a point of debate in the news industry, the inability for commenting and direct user interaction within the sites is worrisome.

Read the full post, complete with screenshots, at 10,000 Words.