Los Angeles is the next big tech hub

It's no secret that the tech scene in Los Angeles is lacking. But know what that means for those of us in tech? An amazing opportunity to lead a wave of technology evangelism in the city of angels. I have a personal theory --influenced partially by conversations with local entrepreneurs and people in media -- that Los Angeles will become one of the next great tech hubs on the west coast. That's one reason Publish2 is moving its headquarters here early next year.

Hollywood needs to be disrupted

Newspapers were the first to feel the pain. And it hit them hard. You see technologists flooding to Washington, D.C. to lead an uprising in journalistic innovation. The TV/Movie industry is on the brink of something similar. And with Hulu being based out of LA as well as Google's YouTube offices (Santa Monica), we are already seeing the start of media innovation in LA. There's more to come.

Me and the cool innovators at Border Stylo have made it our personal mission to seek out all the techies in Los Angeles and bring them together. Hollywood can be the catalyst for technical creation, but with that, other content-related innovators need to step up to the plate.

The Los Angeles challenge

The biggest challenge of fostering a true community in Los Angeles is that our city is so sprawling. Getting from downtown to Santa Monica can take an hour and you might not find parking once you get there. This is a challenge we'll have to get around by timing upcoming events perfectly, hosting them at centralized, easy-to-access locations, and making them worth everyone's time so that the driving is not a waste.

We need to build the foundation for technology so that when LA is ready for that uprising, the community is in place to handle it. We do have our one big group, Digital LA, which is comprised of social media marketers. That doesn't count as an innovative tech group. I want to build a community with more substance than that. I want to build a community that actually cares about sharing ideas, building things, and executing. Not based around cocktails and casual socializing. I want to build the next community to bring about real change to the way we create and consume content.

Upcoming events

Border Stylo is partnering with Lalawag this week for Nog & Noggins -- a holiday tech and entrepreneurship event.

The following week, I am organizing a Hacks/Hackers event where we're hosting an open brainstorm on Data Visualization.

If you care about the Los Angeles tech scene, you should be at one or both of these events to learn about the kind of brainpower we have 'round these parts and to partake in the early stages of a sure-to-come uprising of Los Angeles technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.