The stuff I put on my face

After a personal IM conversation with my good friend Greg Linch, in which we were talking about keeping track of our personal data, I started thinking about what kinds of substances I'm putting into and on my body in my day-to-day routine. Then I realized that, just in putting on my face every morning, my routine creams and lotions are ridiculous. I shocked myself after listing them out. I put a lot of crap on my face every day. This is an average morning's worth of products, no embellishments or exaggerations (it's gross, I know):

  1. St. Ive's apricot scrub
  2. Clean n' clear face wash
  3. Neutrogena wrinkle prevention
  4. Clean n' clear lotion
  5. Clean n' clear blemish healer
  6. BareVitamins skin rev-er upper
  7. BareVitamins prime time
  8. BareMinerals foundation
  9. BareMinerals warmth
  10. BareMinerals clear radiance
  11. BareMinerals mineral veil
  12. Various eyeshadow/mascara
  13. Neutrogena makeup remover

And even more interesting is the combined ingredients in each of these creams, washes, moisturizers, etc. is visualized below. I Googled ingredients for each substance, pasted the results in a Google Doc, then pasted the entire doc into Wordle.

I don't know what half of the ingredients are or whether they're any good for my skin. So I did a little research on the more common ingredients (denoted above by a larger typeface):

Cetearyl alcohol Derived from from coconut oil; emollient and emulsifier. Provides a creaminess to products.

Stearate acid It is a waxy solid. It occurs in many animal and vegetable fats and oils, but it is more common in animal fat than vegetable fat.

Dimethicone Cream A silicon-based organic polymer. This product is an emollient. It works by moisturizing the skin.

I'm going to start making more conscious decisions about what kinds of chemicals I rub into my skin every day.

Tell me -- what are you putting on your face? Do you even know? Or do you just blindly follow consumeristic patterns to make up for your lack of healthy diet? (Oh no, am I becoming a preachy vegan? Retracting previous statement...;))