2011 Resolutions: Live and be happy

Ah, the smell of 2011 is in the air. As I walked through the Mission in San Francisco this morning, confetti, horns and goofy New Year's garb lined the deserted streets.

Last year, I set ten resolutions for myself. Read them below and see if you spot the same trend that I did as I reflected upon them in the Mission.

  1. Blog regularly - I semi-accomplished this.
  2. Become a better task manager -  Although I feel like I did accomplish this, there was no tool that I used or structure to the task management. I simply got better at how to use my time.
  3. Stop being an anti-social freak - Definitely accomplished this one, eight months into the year.
  4. Read more books - Fail.
  5. Go to more conferences - 2010 was a year of BCNI Philly, ONA 2010 and dozens of meetups.
  6. Build a WordPress theme from scratch - Not quite. But I have build quite a few child themes since Twenty Ten launched.
  7. Master PHP and start on Django - Fail.
  8. Pitch a story using spot.us - Fail. But I will proudly say that I donated to seven Spot.us stories in 2010
  9. Stay married to my career - I accomplished this, regrettingly. I overkilled and burned myself out.
  10. Learn how to cook (well) - Fail. Although I cooked more in 2010 than any other year of my life, I still wouldn't say I cook "well."

All of my resolutions last year were about doing more. Blog more, cook more, read more, etc. And that sets the tone of the year I had in 2010. I worked too much. I burned myself out. I took on too many projects and felt continually disappointed in myself for not doing enough.

So this year I'm doing something new: less. 

My one resolution for 2011 is to live and be happy, which will manifest though the following guidelines:

  1. Sleep when I'm tired.
  2. Eat when I'm hungry.
  3. Don't over-plan
  4. Don't think about money
  5. Give more hugs
  6. Go with my gut
  7. Live in the moment
  8. Don't worry about what others think
  9. Surround myself with people who make me smile

Here's to a simple 2011.