redesign is going to rock your world

It's been a year since we launched v 2.0 of Now, a year, later, here I am working with David Cohn and Erik Sundelof on a whole new and improved design. And it's going blow your mind (but maybe I'm a little biased). As time has gone on with and new features have been added, the pages have become a bit cluttered. We're redoing the header, pitch page, and browse pages with the goals of:

  1. Condensing redundant views
  2. Simplifying content display
  3. Creating more consistency

For example, take a look at the current pitch page vs. the soon-to-be pitch page:


Also, see the detailed view below of the old vs. new community page, which will now be integrated into the browse pages:

David released the mockups to the public yesterday for you to provide us feedback. See the whole set on Flickr and leave feedback there.