Another appeal to help send high schoolers to NYC

Last week I blogged about high school journalists at my alma mater who won an award eight days ago and now have only a week to raise enough funds to get to New York City in time to accept it. Tonight, I've set up a site to take PayPal donations so that you can help them out with just a few clicks.

It's not mandatory that they take this trip, but as students from the small, agrarian town of Porterville, California, this is a huge and rare opportunity for them to see the world. When I attended a similar conference/awards ceremony in high school, it ultimately changed my life and set me on a path of journalism that I still continue down today.

And furthermore, they deserve to go. They've worked hard. They produce a daily website with in-depth articles, videospodcastsuser generated content, and a fully-functional Spanish edition for the heavily hispanic demographic.

Daniel Bachhuber has already stepped in to offer a tour of CUNY Journalism School (Thanks, DB!). If you can help us send these kids, I assure you each of them will walk away with a new perspective and at least a few will have their lives changed forever. Think about it.