If Zucks hadn't created it, someone of my generation would have made Facebook

I'm convinced that the web wants to be a social space. If Mark Zuckerburg hadn't invented Facebook or Tom Whats-his-name hadn't invented Myspace, someone would have created them anyway and a very similar product would have resulted because that is the natural progression of the web. Remember Geocities? I do. I started one in middle school (don't do the math on my age there) and maintained it through the beginning of high school when I discovered Myspace. But before social networks existed, my personal Geocities site contained the following elements:

  1. About me - with a "profile picture"
  2. A list of my friends and information about how I know them and why I love them
  3. A list of my family and information about individual members
  4. External links to other sites I liked, including links to my friends' websites with all their similar info
  5. Photo albums
  6. Guestbook

Without knowing it, I was creating the basis for what I wanted out of the web: A space to share information and photos with my friends and family. When Myspace came about, I quickly ditched that site, then when Facebook came out, I quickly ditched Myspace.

While I didn't have the skillset to build the next Facebook or even an understanding that what I was building with amateur Geocities drag n' drop is something that other people would want and use, at least I was on to something: The web as a social space.