Lessons from Berkeleyside

In a quest to learn as much as possible about starting a local news site, today I published a post on 10,000 Words about Berekeleyside -- an independent news startup based out of Berkeley, California. I did a Q&A session with a co-founder, Tracey Taylor. It was an inspiring story and opened my eyes to the realities of starting my own news site. Here are some of the highlights of that interview:

  • Berkeleyside was founded in October 2009 by Lance Knobel, Frances Dinkelspiel, and Tracey Taylor who all have backgrounds as editors and writers.
  • The site is run on WordPress
  • Their main revenue stream is advertising (and they’re starting to build membership revenue)
  • After 18 months of existence, the founders have only recently begun to pay themselves a “very modest monthly salary”
  • Berkelyside.com currently has 117,660 unique visitors monthly
  • The Berkeleyside iPhone app calls for user contributions by allowing community members to submit photos from the scene of news events
  • Three trips Taylor offers to others wanting to start a local news site: do it your way, keep it lean and be transparent

Read the full post at 10,000 Words.