Thoughts on using Facebook Connect

A former teacher of mine saw my recent post on 10,000 Words about The Washington Post's news aggregation tool, Trove, and wrote me a concerned email. She's interested in using the app, but doesn't want to hand over all her information from Facebook. She asked for my thoughts:

I'm of the mindset that part of building the semantic web means being able to pass my information through various apps. That means giving up a tiny bit of privacy. But really, do I care about the kind of information they're accessing (my interests, my likes, my jobs, my friends)? Not really. I don't have a social security number and bank account stored in my Facebook.  We're talking about information that I publicly write about on my blog and would happily tell someone about if I met them on the street. Trading that for access to content that's custom-tailored just for me... that's worth it.