It's about more than how much our ads cost.

Why can't newspapers make money online? (Mashable) - So, they've got it all figured out? "The bottom line is this: the reason that newspapers can’t make money is because they’re pricing themselves out of the market." It's a lot more complicated than that. I like what Paul K. Ward says in the comments of the article: "Newspapers and other information outlets shouldn't be setting sights on paying their costs, they should be focused instead on creating demand for what they offer at a profit. " There are so many problems with the way many newspapers present and distribute news online that makes it less desirable than other outlets. And the fact that we're still calling ourselves "newspapers" is problematic too. If that's what we identify as, that's what we prioritize, and the web will always be an afterthought. We are media companies. We have websites and newspapers. And we need to think creatively about the future of both. Create unique demand for our content online, then you can charge for it.