New role for me: Seattle Times' first news applications editor

I'm honored and thrilled to announce that today is my first day in a new role at The Seattle Times: the company's first news applications editor!

It's no secret that this is the direction I was headed. Though I've been working for about a year and a half at The Times as a homepage producer, my free time and energy has been spent working on special, app-like projects. In the spring, we started a beta tools and apps team, then this summer we really kicked it into high gear with Kevin Schaul working as a news apps developer  --  proving that we need people to work on this stuff full time if we want to create quality products.

Now I get to spend every day doing what I love and what I hope will move the company in the right direction. As news apps editor, I'll mostly be serving roles of a project manager and creative lead.  I'll be working directly with (and learning from) designers, data enterprise editor Cheryl Phillips, news artists, engineers and the rest of the newsroom to build some awesome stuff. And keep your eyes peeled -- we'll hopefully be hiring throughout the next year to expand the team.

Here's the announcement sent out by Eric Ulken:

Colleagues: You've seen her fingerprints on The Today File, our acclaimed Election Guide, our word cloud app, the local Olympian medal tracker and many other digital projects. And if you've been fortunate enough to work with Lauren Rabaino, you know that she has vision and creativity that match a can-do spirit and the practical ability to build cool stuff.

I'm pleased to announce that, starting today, Lauren will be focusing her talents full-time on creating compelling digital news experiences as The Seattle Times' first news applications* editor.

In this capacity, she'll work within the newsroom and with counterparts in design and IT to help conceive and build tools for presenting news and information in innovative ways that our increasingly sophisticated digital users are coming to expect -- all with an eye toward growing audience and engagement.

Our audience isn't standing still, so neither can we -- and I'm confident Lauren won't let us.

Please join me in congratulating her on her new role.


*What's a news application? News applications are digital tools and platforms built for the purpose of presenting news and information or building engagement and conversation around the news. Together with the core content management system, they form framework within which information is delivered across our digital channels.

If you have any words of wisdom for me, I'd love to hear.  Charting new territory!

Thanks to everyone who helped me get here.  xoxo